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Location: Bowling Green,   OH  
Refrigerant Reclaim/Recycle
Virgin Refrigerants
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Air King
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Location: West Chester,   PA  
Description: Air King offers a full line of ENERGY STAR qualifiedexhaust fansandrange hoodsto fit all budgets and ventilation needs. These products along with Air King's commitment to energy efficiency education have earned the honor of being named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the second straight year.
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Location: Montgomery,   IL  
Description: Braeburn Systems LLCis one of the fastest growing new wholesale indoor air quality manufacturers in the United States. Our dedicated team of specialists provide digital electronic and electro-mechanical thermostats, zoning systems, air filtration products, humidification and various accessories for installation by professional contractors worldwide. Braeburn products are available to contractors via our global network of HVACR distributors.
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Cain Manufacturing
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Location: Pelham,   AL  
In business since 1935, Cain has offered the professional duct contractors and roofing contractors a complete line of quality parts and accessories. With Cain you are assured of the finest in air distribution, roofing components and accessories. Designed for quick easy installation, our products provide dependable HVAC performance. And with our competitive prices, you'll see that we, at Cain, respect the value of your time and money. Our products are designed to make the most of both your time and money.

Whatever you need, from flexible duct connectors, hardware, turning vanes and side rails ...to adhesives, access doors, tools and roof expansion joint shields. Whenever you need it. Cain's the name. Get Cain quality, economy, and performance. And make installation easy on yourself.

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ESP - Energy Saving Products
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Location: Vandalia,   OH  
Description: ESP Company was founded in 1974 by Thomas J. Finnegan, a manufacturer's rep in the Midwest to provide specialty products to the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry.
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First Co.
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Location: Dallas,   TX  
Description: First Co. has built and delivered over 5.5 million units to the multi-family HVAC industry. We continue to provide the rapidly growing HVAC industry with an independent source of unique fan coils. First Co. has earned an enviable reputation as a leader, innovator, and trusted supplier of a broad range of high quality HVAC products for the multi-family industry.
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Genesis Wire - Previously Honeywell Wire
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Location: PleasantPrairie,   WI  
Genesis Series Low Voltage Cables are produced with innovative equipment and technology in a state-of-the-ar facility in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. We offer a complete portfolio of quality Security, Fire, Sound, Video, Voice and Data wire and cable to meet your business needs.
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Location: Mason,   OH  
Description: The Harris Products Group is a world leader in metal working products used in the brazing, soldering, welding, cutting and gas distribution industries.
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Howell Metal
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Location: New Market,   VA  
Founded in 1966 by A. Leo Howell, CMC Howell Metal was built on the concept of providing a quality product with the highest standards of customer service. As a moderate-size organization, we are able to tailor our manufacturing and delivery systems to meet your specific needs. We manufacture: Type K, L, M, and DWV straight lengths; Type K and L coils; Type K and L Oxy/ACR straight lengths; and refrigeration coils and linesets and maintain a network of vendors to supply additional types and sizes. Bar coded material is available in both straight lengths and coils as well as in cut lengths for the do-it-yourself market.
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Location: Syracuse,   NY  
INFICON provides essential gas leak detection products for air conditioning/refrigeration manufacturing and repair, as well as toxic chemical analysis instrumentation for emergency response, security and environmental applications.  INFICON products and expertise also provide process-intelligent information for timely decisions in the complex fabrication of semiconductors and thin film coatings for flat-panel displays, solar cells, magnetic and optical storage media, scientific and consumer optics, and architectural glass coatings.
INFICON has world-class manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe and subsidiaries in China,
France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the
United States. INFICON is an ISO 9001 registered company. For more information about INFICON and its products,
please visit www.inficon.com.
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Location: Dayton,   OH  
Today, Lau Industries is the recognized global leader in manufacturing air moving components and fan systems for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration industries. We specialize in offering a diverse product line of residential and commercial heating/air conditioning components , ventilation fans, fire/life safety products, control dampers and louvers unparalleled by any other domestic air-moving manufacturer.
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Macurco Gas Detection
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Location: Sioux Falls,   SD  
Macurco Gas Detection is a division of Aerionics Inc., and is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas detection systems that enable real-time safety and toxic threat detection. Macurco designs, develops and manufactures a full set of fixed and portable gas detection monitors for the protection of workers, responders and the community.
These solutions include the innovative, industry-standard Macurco fixed gas monitors for security systems, building automation, HVAC systems, parking structure, cold storage, beverage and restaurant CO2 detection, and home/personal safety; and the groundbreaking AimSafety portable gas detection monitors for monitoring specific gases in potentially hazardous environments including fire and hazmat, oil and gas and industrial safety applications.
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Mars Air Curtains
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Location: Gardena,   CA  
Mars Air Doors and Air Curtains are installed over operational doors and pass-thru windows. Our air curtains will protect your building’s inside environment from windborne dust, dirt, fumes, and flying insects and extreme outside temperature conditions. Not only will our air curtains improve the inside sanitation level of your building, but they will also reduce the operational energy costs necessary to heat and cool it. With a vast variety of products and options, Mars Air Systems can provide you with a complete door-to-door, floor-to-ceiling building air control solution. Our products not only conserve energy, but they also qualify for LEED point credits that will help support your Green Build initiatives. Mars and Dynaforce…Over Every Door.
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Mason Industries
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Location: Haupaugge,   NY  
Description: Mason Industries has been a leader in the field of noise, vibration and seismic control for over 50 years. Our products are specified by consultants and architects here and throughout the world. In addition to a complete range of mountings, hangers, and flexible connectors for mechanical equipment, we provide computer studies for snubbing systems in earthquake and bomb blast zones. Floating floors, walls and suspended ceilings provide total acoustical room isolation. Rubber bearing pads and spring mountings are used to support entire buildings and railroads. Our professional engineering staff is here to serve you in every way.
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Metal Fab
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Location: Wichita,   KS  
Vent and piping products for residential and light commercial applications.  Residential and commercial grills, registers and diffusers.
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Pro Products
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Location: Dallas,   TX  
Description: Pro-products is a leading manufacturer of fasteners, with a history of product and service excellence since 1998. We value all of our customer relationships and remain committed to always providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction.
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Quietflex Flex Duct
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Location: Houston,   TX  
As the preferred provider of high quality, low cost flexible air duct solutions for the HVAC industry, Quietflex manufactures flexible duct for the residential and manufactured home marketplace.
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Location: Westbury,   NY  
Description: Our leak detection products and diagnostic AC tools are the first and only choice for HVAC/R professionals around the world. We offer a range of AC tools from leak detection lamps and fluorescent dyes to A/C sealers, making AC leak repair easy!
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Location: Sanford,   NC  
Since 1947, Trion has provided quality products for the commercial, industrial, and residential markets, which are engineered specifically to provide a clean, safe, and comfortable indoor air environment. Dependable performance, superior product quality, and excellent customer service are essential to our long-term success. Trion has developed a level of technical expertise that allows us to create innovative products and cost effective solutions to serve our customers' air cleaning problems worldwide. Our products can be found in homes, offices, factories, clubs, hospitals, and sea vessels, just to name a few.
In 1996, Trion added Herrmidifier to the company's capabilities, the well known manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and residential humidification solutions. Later in 2003, Envirco Corporation was added to Trion to provide clean air technologies to industries requiring ultra-clean environments.
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Veto Pro Pac
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Location: Norwalk,   CT  
Like anything that’s built to last, VETO PRO PAC tool bags start with a butt-kicking foundation. In this case, it’s a 3mm thick polypropylene base that is not only waterproof, but “drop from the second floor” proof. Next we oriented the storage system vertically using interior pockets made of PVC-impregnated 1800 denier, a waterproof nylon that can take whatever a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver can dish out.
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Ward Mfg.
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Location: Blossburg,   PA  
Description: Ward Manufacturing is a leading maker and distributor of piping components used in thousands of installations worldwide, from upscale homes to commercial developments, institutional buildings, public utilities and grand edifices – including such American icons as New York City’s Freedom Tower.
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